Welcome to our literary podcast!  We’re a married couple who discuss poetry in our basement while our children are sleeping. Each episode focuses on the close reading of one poem which we use to think about broader world issues and remember our lives before having children (when we had more than an hour a night to ourselves).

As literary podcasts go, this is a quirky one. We have no famous guests to interview (they’d be weirded-out by our basement at night). There’s no drama (we like each other). I’m an author and professor. Max isn’t. Mostly, though, our show is peculiar because of the way we read literature: not as an intensely private endeavor, nor as part of a public lecture, but as a springboard into an intimate conversation—a way to reconnect.

Our format is pretty simple. I introduce Max to a poem and he asks questions about it. We laugh a lot. We veer off topic. We get things wrong. We learn about poems.  We learn about each other.  We hope you’ll join us!

– Danielle

Yeah. Pretty much everything she said.